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1. 14 Years old
2. Samuel Andrew Taylor
3. Colorado Springs, Colorado
4. Why I think I’m CO. Ninja club material is because I’ve seen many Ninja and Kung Fu films before in my life time and I absolutely adore ninjas. Also I wouldn’t have any problems slitting some poor chumps throat with a butter knife any time of the day.
5. No I don’t have an AIM screen name, and why I haven’t got one yet is because I never thought of it because I was satisfied with MSN messenger.
6. I don’t have a digital camera to take and upload pictures with right now, but I’ll try to post pictures soon.
7. Samee Junio (The creator.) sent me a message in the past inviting me to the club.
8. I’ll settle with anything as long as our president isn’t republican and church and state never become one.
9. Abortion is a woman’s personal choice, if she feels that she isn’t ready or doesn’t want a child than it’s completely up to her.
10. I heavily support this; in fact I’m a bi-sexual. So there’s always a good chance I could end up marrying a man.
11. Nothings hotter than man on man action. And hey if woman on woman is your kind of thing more power to you!
12. Ugh nothing pisses me off more than some tight ass, nazi, loving, KKK affiliate racist son of a bitch. Don’t even get me started; seriously I would love to kill ever last racist motherfucker on the planet.
13. Hey, I say it’s not a person’s fault if they’re not the smartest person out there. So don’t feel down, no one has the right to make fun of you.
14. H.R. Giger/ Science Surrealism, M.C. Escher/ Illusion El Rey/ 50’s deco and retro.
15. Tim Burton/ Stop and go animation, The Corwen Brothers/ Fictional.
16. Dante/ Fiction, Dave Eggers, Autobiography, Jorge Luis Borges/ fiction, Anthony Burgess/ Fiction.
17. Type O Negative/ Goth Metal, The Cure/ 80’s New Wave, The Toasters/ Ska, The Misfits/ Horror Punk, The Smashing Pumpkins/ Alternative Rock, etc.
18. Somosa, Chicken Lo Mein, Parmesan Chicken Sandwich, Hot & Sour Soup, Sushi, Anything Coffee Flavored, Green Tea Ice Cream, etc.
19. Nightmare Before Christmas, Nosferatu, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Big Lebowski, Clockwork Orange, etc.
20. Chess, Badminton, Tennis, Volley Ball, Video Games, Swimming, etc.
21. Those of my endearing mother and my ever-loving grandmother.
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