trees (dimondonablnket) wrote in co_ninja_club,

1. Age/name/ location: 16/therese/republic of black forest
2. Why do you think you are CO. Ninja material? because ninjas are hot, and well i'd like to be hot, so i thought being a ninja would be a good step
3. Do you have an aim screenname, if so, what is it, if not, why not? shardoflite
4. Post three pictures of your beautiful face

those were when my hair was still long.

5. How you found out about this community
ms. sam wise posted an invitation on crackinthecreek
1. Government: ours sucks ass but if properly set up with uncorrupted people it could be awesome
2. Abortion: prochoice
3. Same Sex marriages: hurray!!!!! 
4. Homosexuality: makes me giggle and smile really big! it warms my heart
5. Rascism: makes me cry
6. Stupidity: hurts everyone
1. Artist/type of art: degas/ impressionism
2. Director/type of movie: none/ horror or forgien (hmmm that's spelled wrong i believe)
3. Author/ type of book: lj smith / horror/suspense
4. Band/type of music: all
5. Food: none
6. Movie: empire records
7. Past time: baking cookies and then killing with the cookie cutters (duh)
8. Memory: samee's monkey feet. ahhh. <3 that girl is awesome. (and the best ninja in her zip code)

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