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05:12pm 13/03/2005

my applicationCollapse )

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Member Info 
11:48am 22/02/2005
  1. 14 Years old
2. Samuel Andrew Taylor
3. Colorado Springs, Colorado
4. Why I think I’m CO. Ninja club material is because I’ve seen many Ninja and Kung Fu films before in my life time and I absolutely adore ninjas. Also I wouldn’t have any problems slitting some poor chumps throat with a butter knife any time of the day.
5. No I don’t have an AIM screen name, and why I haven’t got one yet is because I never thought of it because I was satisfied with MSN messenger.
6. I don’t have a digital camera to take and upload pictures with right now, but I’ll try to post pictures soon.
7. Samee Junio (The creator.) sent me a message in the past inviting me to the club.
8. I’ll settle with anything as long as our president isn’t republican and church and state never become one.
9. Abortion is a woman’s personal choice, if she feels that she isn’t ready or doesn’t want a child than it’s completely up to her.
10. I heavily support this; in fact I’m a bi-sexual. So there’s always a good chance I could end up marrying a man.
11. Nothings hotter than man on man action. And hey if woman on woman is your kind of thing more power to you!
12. Ugh nothing pisses me off more than some tight ass, nazi, loving, KKK affiliate racist son of a bitch. Don’t even get me started; seriously I would love to kill ever last racist motherfucker on the planet.
13. Hey, I say it’s not a person’s fault if they’re not the smartest person out there. So don’t feel down, no one has the right to make fun of you.
14. H.R. Giger/ Science Surrealism, M.C. Escher/ Illusion El Rey/ 50’s deco and retro.
15. Tim Burton/ Stop and go animation, The Corwen Brothers/ Fictional.
16. Dante/ Fiction, Dave Eggers, Autobiography, Jorge Luis Borges/ fiction, Anthony Burgess/ Fiction.
17. Type O Negative/ Goth Metal, The Cure/ 80’s New Wave, The Toasters/ Ska, The Misfits/ Horror Punk, The Smashing Pumpkins/ Alternative Rock, etc.
18. Somosa, Chicken Lo Mein, Parmesan Chicken Sandwich, Hot & Sour Soup, Sushi, Anything Coffee Flavored, Green Tea Ice Cream, etc.
19. Nightmare Before Christmas, Nosferatu, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Big Lebowski, Clockwork Orange, etc.
20. Chess, Badminton, Tennis, Volley Ball, Video Games, Swimming, etc.
21. Those of my endearing mother and my ever-loving grandmother.
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10:12am 19/02/2005
Because im dumb enough to fill out this stupid survey
I found out because...samee rocks
1. NO
2. keep abortion legal
3. same sex marriages make me happier than regular ones
6. whenever people are stupid, I want to make them un-stupid, by killing them
1. klimt
2. wes anderson
3. edgar allen poe...ifhe counts as an author
4. no
5. banana peppers
6. eraser head
7. sex
8. throwing up all over my ex-boyfriends shoes after I got off the tower of doom
im too lazy to take new pictures
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09:03pm 17/02/2005
  Hey FELLAHS! LET'S GO ASSassin some "baddies"  
09:31pm 17/01/2005
  So let's dance.

who wants to dance?

i'm bored. let's dance.

but we must dance like ninja's

otherwise we fucking suck. i love you guys.

check out my ninja-fication in my new band.

one of two bands


ifiDieTonight is our name. and i think we friggen rule.

My other band We're Really Models will hopefully record soon.

We finally got a bass player. which just so happens to be my guitar player for ifiDieTonight


Keep it pimpen fools!
08:37pm 18/12/2004

Join _screamxcore

09:25pm 01/11/2004
  dude. ninjas are cool. and by cool i mean totally sweet.

Everyone else is a whore. and by whore i mean totally lame...

i love you.

bye lovers.
10:43am 01/11/2004
  oh man sorry this took me a while. ive been way busy shaming people.

1. (age sex location)Moregan K./16/The Springs
2. (why i should be in here)Because i am a ninja of course. gosh.
3. (aim)robothomicide
4. (pictures)dont have any
5. (how did i foind out about this community) Sam-wise and nick-o-li
1. (Government) hate it but its needed
2. (Abortion) its your choice
3. (Same Sex marriages) for it
4. (Homosexuality) for it
5. (Rascism) "fuck racism"
6. (Stupidity) thats just dumb. hehe
1. (artist)henri cartier bresson-photography
2. (director)tim burton
3. (author)ray bradburry
4. (band) walls of jericho
5. (food)anything but meat
6. (movie)the undertaker and his pals
7. (past time)sam-wise beating me up in school
8. (favorite memory)nick greener putting dish detergent in my hair
12:26pm 06/10/2004
mood: excited.
1. Age/name/ location. 16/nicholas greener/colorado springs
2. Why do you think you are CO. Ninja material? because samee says.
3. Do you have an aim screenname, if so, what is it, if not, why not? iwillstayinvegas
4. Post three pictures of your beautiful face.
5. How you found out about this community. samee.
1. Government. government can be helpful, but i dont follow it
2. Abortion. abortionLAMEbortion
3. Same Sex marriages. i don't care
4. Homosexuality. not my scene, but if you want to be gay thats totally awesome
5. Rascism. rascismLAMEism
6. Stupidity. get smart
1. Artist/type of art. music is an art
2. Director/type of movie. thriller movies
3. Author/ type of book. j.k. rowling/sci-fi books
4. Band/type of music. chinupchinup/mellow, happy music
5. Food. hamburgers with potato salad
6. Movie. fight club
7. Past time. musicing
8. Memory. kissing in the rain...with nobody
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04:24pm 04/08/2004
  does anyone here know how to like invite someone to be in co_ninja_club lie through a comment and there'll be like a picture and thingie...how do you do that? cause i made this cool invitation thing and i wanted to invite people...yeah  
Boom, Baby. Boom. 
10:51am 15/07/2004
  Yeah, so going back to nicknames, I am soooo O-Ren Ishii and/or Cottonmouth. Yeah, I know it's a girl's name, big whoop, wanna fighdaboudid? Yeah, so I took that Movie Villain test thing, and I got her. And she's a samurai. And that has to do with ninjas. Well, not really, but you name me an evil ninja villain, and I'll change it to that. But until then, I will use this.

I collect your fuckin' head.

11:26pm 13/07/2004
Oh, right, the survey thingy 
01:28pm 09/07/2004
  1. 17/Nick/Co. Springs
2. Ninjas are sexy, right? And ninjas like pizza, right? Or is that trait exclusive to turtles who are also ninjas? Anyways, I'm quite sexy and love pizza, and live in Colorado. And I'll smack you.
3. AIM - LPRockr
4. If someone wants to host some pictures for me, then I can do that.
5. Sam-wise and Fabey told me about it
1. American govt. today - facist
2. Pro-choice.
3. Fuck yeah!
4. Fuck yeah!
5. Fuck ye- I mean no. Racism baaaaad. I'll punch you in half if you're a racist.
6. Stupidity
1. Undecided/Undecided
2. Undecided/Drama
3. Undecided/Undecided
4. Many favorite bands, #1 being Linkin Park/Punk, various types of rock
5. Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
6. Thirteen
7. *nerd voice* Video gaaaaaaaaaaaames!
8. No idea. Probably something form back home in Nova Scotia.
01:23pm 09/07/2004
  okayokayokay... So Fabian has had the pleasure of riding in Spirit, watching the hubcaps fall off, and wattching it get wasted by an old lady in a Buick. You can all go beat him up out of jealousy, if you like.  
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11:22am 08/07/2004
  Fucking christ, I sound so cynical. Goodness.  
Ok yeah 
11:18am 08/07/2004
  So yeah...so far, no meetings have taken place. LAAAAAAMMEEEEE. Ok anyways, happy birthday to our member in limbo, Lani_ua. Or whatever her name is. Yeah, happy 18th. Hopefully your belly piercing is sexy. I'm getting a tattoo Monday, August 9th, at 3 pm. That's right fuckers, I wrote down the exact date and time. I'm such a loser. Anyways, guys, This saturday. I no have le work. I propose some sort of "meeting." Eh? the park? Eh? My and the sis' house? Eh? Instrument jamming? Haaaah? Ninja battles? Haaaaaah? Fuck, I'm annoying. Anyways. Let me or the sis know soon.  
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01:20pm 05/07/2004
mood: contemplative
Okay assholes, there needs to be a council meeting on the joining of Leah. Soooo on the 6th of July, which is tommorow, at say....5'o clock mountain time, the people I know that have an aim screenname will get and invitation for a chat. You must accept the invitation so we can point and laugh at Leah...JUST KIDDING. I mean uh see if Leah can be in our club.
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12:50am 05/07/2004
mood: nostalgic

Here's my friggin picture from KAUAI! LEMME GO BACK! COLORADO IS DRY AND BORING!

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12:15am 05/07/2004
mood: crazy
1. 18/Leah/Colorado duh
2. I don't, ninjas are agaisnt my religion
3. Of course not, I have an AOL name because its friggin better!4. I dont have 3 pictures and if I did I wouldn't know how.
5. Some ass made me do this ~_^
1. Meh,doin a good job I guess, maybe their screwing us over but we're pretty lucky compared to alot of countries, we could be so much worse.
3. I support same sex marriages, geezus let them do what they want. Then Sara and I could get married ~_^
4. Not a big deal to me, hell, sara and I try to convince people we're lesbians all the time. Even at the renaissance festival where we got weird looks lol
5. Dumbasses, dont be racist, its not that big of a deal, dramam queens
6. Stupid people suck. But being stupid is fun, as long as it ins't permanant.
1. That bob guy on PBS, hes my hero "this tree needs a friend"
2. Oh stephen spielberg all the way, hes never had a bad movie. I love horror and comedy
3. Janet Fitch, I...I think I prefer psychologically based books.
4. BLINK! and..everything. Punk, country, oldies, not rap though...
6. Shit...umm...favorite movie...Hudson Hawk mmmm Bruce Willis
7. Photography, reading, yoga, you name it, I love it all
8. Speeding down a road on base with sara singing Free Fallin as loud as humanly possible ^_^
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11:09pm 04/07/2004
Boy you just a stupid bitch.
and girl you just a no good dick.

that's all i really have to say today. penis.
well penis too...but mostly the first thing. XD.

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