Watch out, here comes the fellow Ninjas

Do i have to cut you in half, or can i use my throwing stars.

Coloradian Ninja Club
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Rules for this sham of a community.Ohohoh aannnd you don't have to live in Colorado...I just added the CO. part to make the community look special. To join, you must fill out the application located here:
1. Age/name/ location
2. Why do you think you are CO. Ninja material?
3. Do you have an aim screenname, if so, what is it, if not, why not?
4. Post three pictures of your beautiful face
5. How you found out about this community
1. Government
2. Abortion
3. Same Sex marriages
4. Homosexuality
5. Rascism
6. Stupidity
1. Artist/type of art
2. Director/type of movie
3. Author/ type of book
4. Band/type of music
5. Food
6. Movie
7. Past time
8. Memory
OKAY. Well don't be afraid to apply, I'm stupid and will let you in if you fill out the application, unless you are some type of asshole. Then I won't.